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Government / DOD / GSA contract manufacturing

Weco designs and delivers custom parts, products or system solutions to our military customers – both direct and through prime contractors. Our specialty is working with your present drawings or product and helping you create a better design or upgrading your present product to conform to new requirements.  Full qualification testing to the environmental and MIL-specs is a frequent requirement for us along with rapid prototyping, same day quotes and 2-7 day product delivery.

A sample of some of the product capabilities of Weco for Government, DOD and Tier Suppliers:

  • Shipping Covers
  • Boxes/Bins
  • Retainer Assembly
  • Rack Housing
  • Base Assemblies 
  • Metal Support
  • Cover Assemblies
  • Stowage Containers
  • Battery Retainers and Holders
  • Rack Assemblies
  • Container Screen
  • Screen Guard
  •  Storage cabinets
  • Support Trays
  • Shipping Covers/Containers
  • Retainer Assemblies
  • Rack Housing
  • Stands and Racks
  • Fabricated Base
  • Metal Computer Cases

Samples of Weco manufactured electronics/electrical enclosure and bases for military/DOD 

Business Qualifications:

Established 1952
NYS registered corporation
SBA registered
CCR/SAM registered
Meet necessary AWS/MIL specifications
Meet RoHS/MIL finishing specifications
ITAR Registrant Code: M27340
JCP approval: 0058855                                                                                                                        

NAICS Codes:
332999 (fabricated metal product manufacturing)
332322 (sheet metal work manufacturing)
332812 (metal coating/finishing)
332710 (machine shop/turned product)
332116 (manufacturing metal stampings)
332439 (other metal container manufacturing)
334290 (other communications equipment manufacturing)
333513 (machine tool (metal forming types) manufacturing)

FSC Main Codes:
1376: reusable containers 
5341: brackets
5998: electric and electronic assemblies
6160: battery retaining fixtures, boxes, covers, racks, retainers, trays
8140: ….special containers
8145: specialized shipping/storage containers


Weco manufactured all the stainless steel ballard name stands for the Vietnam Memorial in Rochester NY.


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