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Weco Assembly Division

Weco is built to be flexible, scalable, and adaptable so we can maintain pace with all of your changing needs, whether you are adding new sales channels, marketing initiatives, vendor managed inventory programs, products, drawing changes or special projects.

Assembly & Secondary Operations
We provide upper level value added mechanical assembly services and testing. This value added benefit continues to save our customers valuable time and the high cost of capital expenditures.

This is the process of preparing an order for shipment. Kitting can involve light assembly, or the picking and packing of order components and collateral materials into a "kit," or a complete set of items ready to ship.
Mechanical Assembly
At Weco, since we manufacture so many parts for a wide variety of customers in many different market sectors, they have found it more cost effective for them to have us supply the mechanical assembly.
Direct Fulfillment 
Weco offers direct fulfillment solutions. Let our experienced team handle your project, from manufacturing to testing and packaging, then delivered directly to your customer on time. It’s a Turnkey solution.

There is a fine line between repetitive re-manufacturing without loss of identity and product overhaul. The critical difference is that re-manufacturing is a complete process and the final product has a like-new appearance and is covered by a warranty comparable to that of a new product.

Depending upon the component or product requiring testing, Weco provides a total testing and Quality Control facility to insure 100% end user satisfaction. Weco utilizes a full range of testing equipment and procedures.

Shipping Logistics
Shipment of finished products to selected single or multiple destinations at domestic or international locations.

  Assembly of products

Custom metal cabinets, Stands, Kiosks

Custom enclosures, containment boxes

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