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 Responsive, Reliable, Results

  • Custom
     precision metal fabrication, forming, welding, stamping, finishing and assembly
  • CAD; 2-D & 3-D Inventor, .dwg, for 2-D and 3-D: .IGES, .DWG & .DXF        
  • For 3-D CAD files: Auto Desk Inventor, .IPT, .IAM (must have all .IPT to assemblies), .IGES, .DWG and .STEP.
  • Prototype to production run manufacturing
  • Custom metal enclosures
  • Custom metal storage cabinets
  • Custom metal electronic and electrical chassis'
  • Multiple machining center division
  • Certified ITAR, JCP, MIL, AWS
  • ISO 9001:2008 certification
  • RoHS compliant powder and paint finishing
  • Graphic design, screen and pad printing
  • Re-conditioning and re-manufacturing of parts and products
  • JIT, Kanban or on site Vendor Managed Inventory                
  • Certified Quality Control department
  • Fractional to large product size manufacturing capability               
  • Kitting, sub-assembly and full mechanical assembly of products
  • Final product distribution and logistics management
  • Integrated manufacturing ERP system

Welding Standard Capabilities:

Steel, Stainless, Aluminum, Exotic Metals

Quality Finished ChassisResistance Welding
.028 to .028   304 SS   Group 2 of mil-w-6858D.17.2               AWS 17.2/17.2M
.118 to .118   304 SS   Group 2 of mil-w-6858D.17.2               AWS 17.2/17.2M

.125 to .125   Alum 5052 H-32   Group 1 of mil-w-6858
D.17.2 .028 to .028   Alum 5052 H-32   Group 2 of mil-w-6858D.17.2
Aerospace/Mil Spec Certified

Tig/Mig Welding

SA240-316L SS   Group ll, per mil STD 1595A
Alum/5052   Group IV, per mil STD 1595A
Alum/3003   Group IV, per mil STD 1595A
AWS 9.1
AWS D1.1
AWS D1.2
AWS D1.6                                                                                           
AWS D1.3                                                                                                                                        
AWS D17.1

Weco General Equipment Standard Capabilities:

Shear:  maximum thickness .250”
Turret Punch: maximum thickness .250” x 48” W x 120” L
Forming: 120 maximum tonnage x 10’ length of form
Welding: largest machine 350 amp
Spotweld: maximum thickness 1/8” aluminum to 1/8” aluminum, Mil Spec/Aerospace certified
CMM Inspection Plate: maximum size 64” x 18” x 38”
CNC: maximum size 20” x 20” x 40”
Bake Oven: maximum working size 12’ x 7’ x 7’
CNC lathe: maximum through the spindle bar feed is 2”
Laser: maximum sheet size 49.5” x 109”, maximum thickness CRS is 5/8”, Alum is ¼”, SS is 3/8”

  Precision Fabrication

  • Very small components
  • Large finished components
  • Assembled products


            Small precision part expertise

   Finished precision fabricated enclosures,        contrainers & cabinets

   Precision Fabrication, Forming, Finishing

       Sub-Assemblies and Finished Product        Assembly


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